I can feel her in every beat of my heart.
the thump thump thump
spells her name in morse code.

The plastic stars on my bedroom ceiling, draw a picture of her face.
and the bumps on my skin are a map leading straight to her.

She is ingrained in my being,
fitted in my existence,
embedded in my brain,
and sentenced to my heart.

She runs through my veins,
and seeps through my tears.
she frolics in my laughs,
and breathes in my lungs.

she takes.
and she takes and she takes,
and she takes,
i give,
and i give and i give
and I give.

Because her soul is a mountain,
i am destined to climb,
and only to happy
to plummet from.



Don’t fall in love with people like me..
Honestly I wont swim the ocean full of sharks for you..

I wont take a bullet either, whats the point? Ain’t that a little bit selfish of you,
I mean being shot and after my burial you’ll forget like nothing ever happened.

Keep away from people like me; romance is never our language..
There is no day you will come home and find the hallway and the bed covered with rose petals, not even candle dinners – well unless there is power outages…

Keep your distance from likes of me..
I will make you hate your willingness to live…
I will kiss you in the park, take you to all the beautiful places that you so much love and kiss every single air out of you…
Just so when you will be coming back to these places you will never forget to feel my presence!!

Girl Child Nightmare!

Maybe He Won’t Touch You

Or what I tell myself as I pass through places I’ve been assaulted

Breathe In. Breathe Out.
They’re not here to assault you.
They’re walking past you.
They’re just walking past you.

Oops, there it is.’Ay, Baby!’
You pick up your pace
As the little courage you have
Shatters and smears across the ground.

‘Come on. Just one time.’
You put your arms across your breasts
As if your soft hands will hide them
From their predatory eyes.

You curse yourself for walking alone
On a night, dressed in your skirt,
And your red, red lipstick
And taking a shortcut.
You should have known.

You cross the alley
And reach a lit road
And you heave in relief
Because they can’t hurt you now.
Can they?

You are just one of the thousands
They want against their body
They forget you, don’t they?
You’re just a body they want to own
A story they want to tell their buddies
Over beer and hand rolled cheap cigarettes.

But you remember the pain, the embarrassment,
The shame, the guilt.
You wash your hands with soap a hundred times
Because that man kissed you on the palm of your hand
A hundred times, on the porch swing, when you were six.
And you stop wearing your favourite colour,
Because that man tweaked your nipple
And winked at you, with a smile.
And you accidentally burnt your favourite jeans
Because that man rubbed himself against you
On the public transport you have to take every day to work.

You take detours
And panic when your male friend hugs you
You walk a little away from the crowd
A little behind everybody
Slow, but not too slow.
You walk with your bag in front of you
Hugging it, because that’s a couple more layers
Till they get to you.
You put your earphones on
So you can be in the illusion
Of being isolated in the crowd.

Breathe In. Breathe Out.
You might change the world one day.
You might stop being a woman.
You might die and get burned soon.
And your great grandchildren will hopefully never understand this poem.



I do not care what they say about us,
Good or bad, whatever, this is our choice,
I do not care what they think about us,
I will let them hear our voice.

You and I have fallen in love♡,
To you opens my heart’s💓 window,
Strong 💪, fearless, two brave soles,
We’re different colours of a rainbow🌈.

Today’s the day we break our silence,
Together from this jail we break free,
Let them call us whatever name they will,
Cheers to us🥂, my love, to you and me💏!

-The Heart that Beats-
_ ♤_