The sun has been your lover,
Caressing you with flecks of gold gilded light.

The moon has been your lover,
Kissing you with soft silvered kisses of lunar light.

The wind has been your lover,
Whispering your name in a constant chant of silent adoration.

The rain has been your lover,
Showering you with liquid crystals of the finest configurations.

And the river of blood in your veins,
A bold declaration of pulsating life,
Flowing in tandem with your beating heart.

How life has loved you my dear,
Though you feel you are just a leaf,
That soon falls with time,
Life keeps loving you.


All he ever Did..

All he ever did was to love her… Like she said.
Just the way she told him.
He never knew she wanted more than just love,
She wanted happiness – money
She wanted gifts – money.
She wanted to look fly – money.
She wanted money that she kept saying never really mattered, as long as he just loved her right.
All he ever did was a life mistake, to love her right… Like she told him.


Blessed is the boy,
Who loves the girl,
And is loved in kind,
Through heaven and hell.

Blessed is the man,
Who finds such joy,
In loving the woman,
He met as a boy.

Blessed are the children,
Whose parents are strong,
With help ploughing through,
Life’s rights and wrongs.

Blessed is the husband,
Who cares for his wife,
And receives in return,
Her love, her life.

Blessed is the man,
Who is part of a team,
Made of loving children,
And the woman of his dreams.


pblI don’t want this kind of love. I’m not used to it, I mean this your kind of love.

The kind of love you keep giving me and you claim it will fry my brain!!

The kind of love that makes me sneak to your father’s compound when everybody is dead asleep, it gives me problems, Jaber you see: I have to wait for your  parents to sleep, call for Osama, your big dog and entice him with some leftover we devoured at my place (i’m not saying you never cook any stews ), then trace the tree you did tie the rope that is attached to your feet and pull just to wake you up (why do you have to sleep that much when you know i’m coming). You do remember what happened the day the rope broke and i had to scale the thorny fence and knock at the kitchen door where you sleep, Dichol  remember how your father chased me thinking  I was a thief! I had to dodge him and lie stiff dead along the fence …he kept stepping on my head thinking it was a stone!

You see that’s the kind of love I don’t want, so stop giving it to me… this your love that I have to align myself with a tree or jump in a nearby bush every time we are talking and your neighbors walk by…

The kind of love that I have to wait till dusk is when we can meet, Dichol why do you hate daylight, why don’t you want to be seen with me!!? Black is beauty only when its hit by the sun…

So add me some little more, because the one you saying will turn me to a mad man is just but cold water… I don’t need it … Honestly I don’t want it, I’m tired of changing directions every time i spot your mother on my path.

Dichol warn your brother, pull tell him to stop writing our names on every sisal on the path leading to the river… I hate gossips…

All i need you to do is to spice it up a bit, daughter of my in-law, you don’t greet me like i have leprosy and when we meet under our favorite tree in odd hours, you would yelp, leap and overthrow my lean frame with what you call a bare hug.

Do you know how ladies slice themselves with knives when i tell them NO..!!! If you cant love me like normal people do then you should perhaps allow me give you some lessons.