I can feel her in every beat of my heart.
the thump thump thump
spells her name in morse code.

The plastic stars on my bedroom ceiling, draw a picture of her face.
and the bumps on my skin are a map leading straight to her.

She is ingrained in my being,
fitted in my existence,
embedded in my brain,
and sentenced to my heart.

She runs through my veins,
and seeps through my tears.
she frolics in my laughs,
and breathes in my lungs.

she takes.
and she takes and she takes,
and she takes,
i give,
and i give and i give
and I give.

Because her soul is a mountain,
i am destined to climb,
and only to happy
to plummet from.



Don’t fall in love with people like me..
Honestly I wont swim the ocean full of sharks for you..

I wont take a bullet either, whats the point? Ain’t that a little bit selfish of you,
I mean being shot and after my burial you’ll forget like nothing ever happened.

Keep away from people like me; romance is never our language..
There is no day you will come home and find the hallway and the bed covered with rose petals, not even candle dinners – well unless there is power outages…

Keep your distance from likes of me..
I will make you hate your willingness to live…
I will kiss you in the park, take you to all the beautiful places that you so much love and kiss every single air out of you…
Just so when you will be coming back to these places you will never forget to feel my presence!!


The sun has been your lover,
Caressing you with flecks of gold gilded light.

The moon has been your lover,
Kissing you with soft silvered kisses of lunar light.

The wind has been your lover,
Whispering your name in a constant chant of silent adoration.

The rain has been your lover,
Showering you with liquid crystals of the finest configurations.

And the river of blood in your veins,
A bold declaration of pulsating life,
Flowing in tandem with your beating heart.

How life has loved you my dear,
Though you feel you are just a leaf,
That soon falls with time,
Life keeps loving you.

Blind Date

I’ll read you
With my eyes closed
Like Braille
Just fingertips
Across your chest
To this limited sense

I’ll read you
In the dark
With the only glow
From the fire we start
With our bodies flint
And this moments kindling
For two lips to spark

I’ll read you
From front to back
And soft fade to black
Your plot exposed
And story told
To reread again
With eyes still closed

All he ever Did..

All he ever did was to love her… Like she said.
Just the way she told him.
He never knew she wanted more than just love,
She wanted happiness – money
She wanted gifts – money.
She wanted to look fly – money.
She wanted money that she kept saying never really mattered, as long as he just loved her right.
All he ever did was a life mistake, to love her right… Like she told him.