If I could love but one thing about you,
What would it be? Contrary to today’s myth,
I would not say “looks” which although
Important, would rank no higher than number
Ten on my list.

Before that, numbers
Six through nine would be filled with things like,
Your sensitivity, your intelligence,
Your compatibility and its corollary,
Attraction – that immutable force drawing
Me to you like blood to a beating heart,
Flowing through my veins with the full flush
Of desire and amour.

Numbers five, four and three would be shared
Equally by your personality – how
You reveal yourself to your world with all
Those distinctive characteristics that make you
You, your generosity of spirit and your
Devotion to life from all its insipid, boring
Details through all its manifestations as you move
Through time and space on your singular orbit
Giving incessantly and unfailingly
Of you. No, not even this would be enough.
For transcending them all like any true
Hierarchy is the complex creation
Whose sum is you – the quintessential
Embodiment of being
For whom life is conceived as a series
Of precious moments, each one as pure
As the next and each an open door to any
Who would share in the creation of its memory.


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