For months you haven’t had a good night’s sleep.
When will baby sleep through the night?
But when she finally does get a solid 8 hours,
All you can think is, “this can’t be right.”
This is the moment you’ve been waiting for,
A chance to finally get some rest.
But you spend all night in a panic,
Staring at her chest.
Is she okay? Is she breathing?
Why won’t she just make a sound?
Welcome to motherhood,
Where the contradictions abound. 

Another moment you’ve been waiting for…baby’s first steps!
At last, at last!
Are these tears of joy or sorrow?
They grow up so fast. 
Just yesterday she was too afraid to let go,
Reaching for my hand.
Suddenly she just got up and grinned,
So proud that she could stand.
My baby is standing, I thought as I filmed.
But this moment didn’t last long.
That’s when she took off walking,
And I’m trying to be strong.

How can I feel all these emotions at once?
Being a mom is so strange.
You want them to grow up,
But you also don’t want a thing to change.
You desperately need a break,
But miss them the second you leave.
You want them to be independent,
But miss the tugging on your sleeve.
How will you feel when they begin to drive?
When they go to college or move away?
I can’t think about that right now.
I’m not letting go of today


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