Love is more than just a four letter word used as a medium of self expression,
Love is more than two bodies rubbing passionately against each other into the wee hours of the night.
Love is more than just a feeling of euphoria,
Love does not fade into the background like the end of your favorite slow jam.
Love is not a water faucet, turned on and off at your leisure.
Love is not a game played to win or lose,
Love is being able to say “I’m sorry” when you’ve made a mistake.
Love is respect for one’s self and knowing this will be a struggle,
Love is honesty, maturity, understanding,
Love knows no bounds, marches to the beat of an infinite drum.
Love is putting your needs on the back burner to comfort another.
Love is selfless, a battle between wants and needs. 
Love is a child who craves constant nurturing and attention,
Love is designed to grow tall and stern,
Stable and durable as Plymouth Rock,
Desirable and inviting as a sweet summer’s breeze,
Grounded enough to withstand any storm,
Love is not just a feeling that encompasses your body.
Love is a full-time job with compensation and fringe benefits. 
Love is the actions to be performed,
Love is the plans that you make to become a better person.
Love is the person you are and the person to strive to be.
Love is more than emotions,
It is the continuum of soft, melodic beats of your open heart.
Love is more than just words that you say, but the selfless acts of kindness, the words of encouragement,
The welcoming arms of security,
The feelings of worry, excitement, hurt, frustration, doubt, confusion, joy, contentment, safety,
An inexplicable feeling to cherish and nurture unconditionally…
Now that’s what love is



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