Perhaps we have ceased to love,
We are looking for something that’s no longer there,
We once were each other’s sunshine,
But now we are trapped in the darkness,
Unwilling to admit it was a thing of the past.

Perhaps both of us have been consumed,
And just the dull ashes remain ,
Only to be blown away by the passing wind.

We once wrote of our love on the shore,
But the waves washed it away,
Left no trace of what was,
We whispered to the moon,
Told him of our love,
But now he hides behind the clouds,
Ignorant of all we said.

Or maybe we were wearing masks,
But now the masquerade is over,
Nothing but throbbing, dull melancholy remains,

We dreamt of a new world over the rainbow,
But alas,it never rained ,
Perhaps we hold the key to these chains,
But still we remain bound



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