I will walk to the farthest end of the country, to get you a rose ,
Just promise me that you will dance with me. 
I will give you all my broken heartbeats
Just swear that you will come out with me to the jungle.
In the full moon night, 

We will walk hand in hand 
To the weed fed pond,
Drunk with the aroma of the golden moon, 
The mist creeping onto the walls of air.
Trying to decipher the cries of the owl, 
The fleeting fireflies and the lustful aura.. 
The pond will fluoresce the eyes of sorrow
With a nebulous glow,we will stare, 
Unexplained will be the swirling of stars, 
Stunned will be the dreary morrow. 

The pond will be beaming with love for the moon, 
The breeze will caress the dust of the moon, 
And you and I will silently ogle the beauty. 

Hark! Let the bird watch the beams play with the ripples, 
Let the moss inhale the scent of the drill, 
Let the pond cry over uneventful chronicles, 
Let the drug flow through the veins of Thrill.. 

The maddening stillness, the lazy lust, 
The silent rays which invite us
The cicada crying for its mate, 
And the red hunt of the stars.. 

You and I will talk to them all, 
Drowning in the eerie Dark 
Waiting for the night not to end at all
Waiting for the morning star to vanish.. 
In our cocooned slumber, 
We will embrace the sin, 
The passionate rubicund of the secret affair,
Burning till it consumes them all



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