She gazed at him 
Searching his soul
through the window of sparkling blue eyes,
pondering whether to place her greatest treasure in him 
Is there empathy? Is there honesty? 
A trace of loyalty,
A kind gentle nature perhaps,
Doubt has been her friend for too long 
Not allowing trust to call upon

She looks at her delicate treasure 
It is bleeding and slowly losing life
How much time left? 
till it goes cold and numb,
till it generates no emotion, no feeling

Trapped in a dilemma
She wonders, if she can trust him, to place her treasure in his care,
to let him breath life back to it
or could this be the fatal blow,
the ultimate destruction of sanity

The kind innocent smile
radiating from across,
the plea for trust,
the gentle touch caressing her fingers,
produced the nutrients indispensable to her dying treasure 
slowly resurrecting it back

She felt the faint beat though it is still a long way from healing.



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