You don’t know this woman,
You haven’t got a clue,
This paragon of beauty,
Is a mystery to you.

You think that I’m so gentle,
You think that I am tame,
That’s just to get you going,
And trap you in my game.

You think that I’m so giving,
You think that I am sweet,
But I’ve come to devour,
And you’re my tasty treat.

You are a man of steel now,
But you’ll melt under my gaze,
You’ll toss and turn in torment,
Eyes blurred in love sick daze.

You think you can withstand me,
I laugh at your demise,
Your body burns like kindling,
You’re scorched by smoldering eyes.

My hands are fierce and vicious,
I tear to reach the prize,
Then sear your flesh at will,
Press in to sturdy thighs.

My lips, they ravish your lips,
My mouth burns down your neck,
My tongue brands all your body,
Leaves you a melting wreck.

You cry out in your moment,
You clutch my hair, you sigh,
No ease in the momentum,
Till flaring flames run dry.

You pant in sheer delirium,
I speak the words you need,
I coax you to the heights now,
My wanton passion freed.

The world explodes around us,
Inside is molten fire,
I’ve rocked you to the heavens,
But I’ve sated MY desire.

And when the blaze is over,
I lick your sweat dewed face,
I smile the smile of triumph,
And leave without a trace.



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