How close to love is dying; it’s an addiction, fight for it, die for it, and being in bed with someone trying to catch their breath, hearts out of control, and if a girl can still walk then a gentlemen hasn’t done his job… so I heard. “Ail, Ail Love”

And love cannot be fixed
So love must be blind
Looking at you, looking at me
Maybe a touch of insanity
Confined, behind, would you be mine
beautiful, hot, and so damn fine?
You and me, it’s a disease

this thing called love that started out with a kiss
Our bodies entwined then… you know
I want you; I need you, the truth…
Love me like you do
From your head down to your toes
An angel to a girl, a virgin to a nympho
Living for the love of you

If that’s what we call it
You knock me off of my feet
While we catch our breath
A heart is grand theft
as we lie here, between the sheets
Only who am I and where is she
Heaven but I haven’t left your arms yet

this is it, I admit
confess, love is what ails me but if you ever said yes
Maybe, someday, when the stars go blue
Lovesick…. you’ll feel it too





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