If we could go back and relive our days,

Would the outcome be yet another maze?


What if we traveled on a brand new route?

Or pursued a different challenge and bout?


Would there be less hurt or sadness and pain?

Would colorful bows show brighter in rain?


Would the up mood come to replace the downs?

Would the smiles rush in to push out the frowns?


Would we love again or need to be loved?

Would all of our problems be somehow resolved?


Could all hidden doors be opened with our keys?

Would there be any new uncertainties?


Could we make every and all dreams come true?

Or in the process, would we lose a few?


Would there be new ties, or would we be free?

Would life be better, could anyone see?


Could or should destiny be seen or changed?

Could future be altered or re-arranged?


Without the unknown, would there be a drive?

Without any drive, could we still survive?



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