A story is told of a donkey that fell in a deep hole.The owner tried getting it off in vain.He decided to burry it a live! He started pouring soil on it but the donkey would shake off the soil and remain standing! He continued doing it and the donkey would also shake off the soil.By evening,the hole was filled up and the donkey was happily enjoying green pastures! WHAT AN INSPIRATION!

Friends,SHAKE OFF YOUR PROBLEMS! Don’t allow your problems to bow you down! They will come in big numbers! But you have to be strong and say no to giving up! Funny enough,most of them are only illusions! When you start anylising them one by one,you will be shocked that 99 percent of them are not problems as such! They are only illusions meant to scare you from moving on! some only need to be ignored and they will run away! They have a funny way of inviting themselves and camping at your doorsteps if they realize that you are weak! They will cloud your mind and make sure that you don’t think your way out.They will shower your eyes with tears that you won’t see even  conspicuous solutions staring at you!

may I remind you once again that most of your “problems” are only illusions! And if you happen to have one or two genuine problems,don’t perceive them as problems! Perceive them as CHALLENGES!
Yes! They are challenges waking you up from your slumber! They are challenging you to live to your full potential! If they are money challenges,they are challenging you to awaken the financial giant in you! They are reminding you that you need to let go of those peanuts and go for your billions! WAKE UP TO THE CHALLENGE!



(C/o, Barazza)



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