If only I had opportunity I could have been far ahead in life. This is the cry every youth will keep singing in their whole life.

So what is OPPORTUNITY ?
In the rescent study I conducted, I realized most people mainly youths do not understand the meaning of opportunity at all and when it arises.

I sampled out a small number of people, my friend my colleagues even family and sent them this same question… ”hey, sorry to bother you but i need some help, as crazy as it may sound but yes I think you the one who can help… I need a crazy writer.You’ve known me for quite sometime, I need you to write something about me… I know you are aggressive, I know you competent, I know you sometimes crazy and thats why I want you to put it down.. find time write everything you know about me… NO LIMITS. No censors! Be wild and give it everything you have… i’ll be waiting at the end of the line. Don’t say you don’t.”

The whole idea was not to actually get people to write about me, this was just but a pivot of change, a reflex of what People would do given a sudden chance.

I got many response but funnily enough 99% of them said they dint know me hence could not write, some said they did not know how to write.

I realized one thing, just like Edwin Locke, one of the foremost researchers in goal setting stated that the NO. 1 thing that stands in the way of a goal attainment is fear. Fear of failure, fear of making the wrong decision, looking foolish, being embarrassed and so on.

I found out that most of us have combined that fear with lack of energy and confidence in our abilities. What if they could plan for the risk? They could immediately gain confidence and write even if it was a single word. And even when the risk doesn’t turn out exactly as hoped, they could still benefit since it increased their life satisfaction.

The 99% of the responses were rushed decisions. Come to think of this, every choices we make has some level of risk. If you approach that person who caught your eyes, you risk being rejected, but you might also meet the love of your life.

Winston Churchil  said “ a persimist sees difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” May be this is the reason.
Sometimes a cry for opportunity is not the answer to our problems, do we really have the knowledge of seeing an opportunity and do we really know when to strike.





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