Friends,expenses are the greatest motivators! Expenses will push you to do what you must do! Going to your bed knowing you have pressing expenses to meet can be the best eliminator of unnecessary sleep! Expenses are the best alarm! When you set your alarm clock to wake you up,expenses will wake you up earlier than the alarm clock!

Now,if expenses are such great motivators,what should we do to ensure we are maximumly motivated? The secret is sorrounding yourself with expenses that will make you go an extra mile! avoid expenses that will put you into a comfort zone! If all your expenses in a month are 20,000 and you still have some balance,this may stagnate you if you are not careful! If you happen to land on mere 40,000,you will have too much! How will you think of earning a million a month if all you need Is 20,000? Stop consoling yourself with “i economize” nonsense! Spending 20,000 a month is starvation! You are denying yourself a lot! Yes! this is not only demotivating,but also denying yourself what you need to change levels! if you continue that way,you will never grow! That is why you have kept that peanuts job for all that long! That is why you have lived in that cowshed for that long! That is why you have slept on that crickling bed and that worn out mattress for that long! That is why your kids have studied in those pathetic schools for that long! YES! BECAUSE YOU HAVE HAD NO MOTIVATION TO MAKE YOU DO WHAT YOU MUST DO TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Stop using economical terms that you don’t understand! to be economical is to spend on something fairly and that thing must pay back effectively! Renting 1500 house is not being economical! Calculate the cost of water and electricity which is paid separately.Think of your security! in such houses,you will also have to double up as a security guard of your house! Think of your motivation! Think of the effect on your kids morality! You see why such a house is very expensive? you will better rent a 20,000 house!

What I’m I saying with expenses insinuations? I’m saying that it is time you changed levels! Move to the  level where you will be pushed to give your best!
Move from that cheap house to a house that will make you think! A house that will mock your pathetic furnitures and make you buy motivating furnitures!
Move your kids from those nonsense things you call schools to schools that will make you think! people are paying over a million in fees for baby class kids! That is why  they are thinking themselves to craziness to stay a float! NAPOLEON HILL SAYS,”THINK AND GROW RICH” this people think hard and that is why they are growing rich daily! The fees you are paying is mediocrity! That is piriton to make you sleep!
Stop walking to your work station! meet transport costs  and you will think! How will you  think of buying a car if all you do is walking?
Stop eating in those joints where lunch is thirty Bob! If you have a 500 note  and the  woman over there struggles to get you your balance untill bussines stops,you will you think have a lot of money when you are the worst  beggar on earth!
Stop buying a match box at your next kiosk! Go to a motivating supermarket and feel the pitch of the cashier telling you that your shopping is worth 30,000 and you are only  a senior bachelor!

I’m telling you that if you  want to change levels,you must move from lullabies expenses! Move to expenses that will push you to stretch harder! The moment you take this golden challenge,you will experience creativity that will even shock you! You won’t believe that it is you generating all those ideas! you will have so many ideas to earn you an extra coin that you will change levels so fast! You will move  from those coins to millions in a very short time span!



C/O. Ken Baraza.



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