A story is told of a donkey that fell in a deep hole.The owner tried getting it off in vain.He decided to burry it a live! He started pouring soil on it but the donkey would shake off the soil and remain standing! He continued doing it and the donkey would also shake off the soil.By evening,the hole was filled up and the donkey was happily enjoying green pastures! WHAT AN INSPIRATION!

Friends,SHAKE OFF YOUR PROBLEMS! Don’t allow your problems to bow you down! They will come in big numbers! But you have to be strong and say no to giving up! Funny enough,most of them are only illusions! When you start anylising them one by one,you will be shocked that 99 percent of them are not problems as such! They are only illusions meant to scare you from moving on! some only need to be ignored and they will run away! They have a funny way of inviting themselves and camping at your doorsteps if they realize that you are weak! They will cloud your mind and make sure that you don’t think your way out.They will shower your eyes with tears that you won’t see even  conspicuous solutions staring at you!

may I remind you once again that most of your “problems” are only illusions! And if you happen to have one or two genuine problems,don’t perceive them as problems! Perceive them as CHALLENGES!
Yes! They are challenges waking you up from your slumber! They are challenging you to live to your full potential! If they are money challenges,they are challenging you to awaken the financial giant in you! They are reminding you that you need to let go of those peanuts and go for your billions! WAKE UP TO THE CHALLENGE!


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Writters are Legends.


This book was recommended to me by LAINIE SPEISER, an author whose book CONFESSIONS OF THE HUNDRED HOTTEST PORN STARS, I reviewed here last October. This book, described as “the essential encyclopedia of Linda Lovelace, everything you ever wanted to know about the most famous porn star in the world” was written/compiled by Eric Danville, who is described as “He worked as an editor for High Times Magazine, for Al Goldstein’s Screw (he ghost wrote everything for Goldstein) and then to presently for Penthouse Forum and Girls of Penthouse. He also published The Heavy Metal Book of Lists.”

I have to say that, in what will probably seem surprising to those who know how much I love porn and how long I have been watching it (starting at a much younger age than I should have – that’s all I’m saying about that), I have…

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If only I had opportunity I could have been far ahead in life. This is the cry every youth will keep singing in their whole life.

So what is OPPORTUNITY ?
In the rescent study I conducted, I realized most people mainly youths do not understand the meaning of opportunity at all and when it arises.

I sampled out a small number of people, my friend my colleagues even family and sent them this same question… ”hey, sorry to bother you but i need some help, as crazy as it may sound but yes I think you the one who can help… I need a crazy writer.You’ve known me for quite sometime, I need you to write something about me… I know you are aggressive, I know you competent, I know you sometimes crazy and thats why I want you to put it down.. find time write everything you know about me… NO LIMITS. No censors! Be wild and give it everything you have… i’ll be waiting at the end of the line. Don’t say you don’t.”

The whole idea was not to actually get people to write about me, this was just but a pivot of change, a reflex of what People would do given a sudden chance.

I got many response but funnily enough 99% of them said they dint know me hence could not write, some said they did not know how to write.

I realized one thing, just like Edwin Locke, one of the foremost researchers in goal setting stated that the NO. 1 thing that stands in the way of a goal attainment is fear. Fear of failure, fear of making the wrong decision, looking foolish, being embarrassed and so on.

I found out that most of us have combined that fear with lack of energy and confidence in our abilities. What if they could plan for the risk? They could immediately gain confidence and write even if it was a single word. And even when the risk doesn’t turn out exactly as hoped, they could still benefit since it increased their life satisfaction.

The 99% of the responses were rushed decisions. Come to think of this, every choices we make has some level of risk. If you approach that person who caught your eyes, you risk being rejected, but you might also meet the love of your life.

Winston Churchil  said “ a persimist sees difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” May be this is the reason.
Sometimes a cry for opportunity is not the answer to our problems, do we really have the knowledge of seeing an opportunity and do we really know when to strike.

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Friends,expenses are the greatest motivators! Expenses will push you to do what you must do! Going to your bed knowing you have pressing expenses to meet can be the best eliminator of unnecessary sleep! Expenses are the best alarm! When you set your alarm clock to wake you up,expenses will wake you up earlier than the alarm clock!

Now,if expenses are such great motivators,what should we do to ensure we are maximumly motivated? The secret is sorrounding yourself with expenses that will make you go an extra mile! avoid expenses that will put you into a comfort zone! If all your expenses in a month are 20,000 and you still have some balance,this may stagnate you if you are not careful! If you happen to land on mere 40,000,you will have too much! How will you think of earning a million a month if all you need Is 20,000? Stop consoling yourself with “i economize” nonsense! Spending 20,000 a month is starvation! You are denying yourself a lot! Yes! this is not only demotivating,but also denying yourself what you need to change levels! if you continue that way,you will never grow! That is why you have kept that peanuts job for all that long! That is why you have lived in that cowshed for that long! That is why you have slept on that crickling bed and that worn out mattress for that long! That is why your kids have studied in those pathetic schools for that long! YES! BECAUSE YOU HAVE HAD NO MOTIVATION TO MAKE YOU DO WHAT YOU MUST DO TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Stop using economical terms that you don’t understand! to be economical is to spend on something fairly and that thing must pay back effectively! Renting 1500 house is not being economical! Calculate the cost of water and electricity which is paid separately.Think of your security! in such houses,you will also have to double up as a security guard of your house! Think of your motivation! Think of the effect on your kids morality! You see why such a house is very expensive? you will better rent a 20,000 house!

What I’m I saying with expenses insinuations? I’m saying that it is time you changed levels! Move to the  level where you will be pushed to give your best!
Move from that cheap house to a house that will make you think! A house that will mock your pathetic furnitures and make you buy motivating furnitures!
Move your kids from those nonsense things you call schools to schools that will make you think! people are paying over a million in fees for baby class kids! That is why  they are thinking themselves to craziness to stay a float! NAPOLEON HILL SAYS,”THINK AND GROW RICH” this people think hard and that is why they are growing rich daily! The fees you are paying is mediocrity! That is piriton to make you sleep!
Stop walking to your work station! meet transport costs  and you will think! How will you  think of buying a car if all you do is walking?
Stop eating in those joints where lunch is thirty Bob! If you have a 500 note  and the  woman over there struggles to get you your balance untill bussines stops,you will you think have a lot of money when you are the worst  beggar on earth!
Stop buying a match box at your next kiosk! Go to a motivating supermarket and feel the pitch of the cashier telling you that your shopping is worth 30,000 and you are only  a senior bachelor!

I’m telling you that if you  want to change levels,you must move from lullabies expenses! Move to expenses that will push you to stretch harder! The moment you take this golden challenge,you will experience creativity that will even shock you! You won’t believe that it is you generating all those ideas! you will have so many ideas to earn you an extra coin that you will change levels so fast! You will move  from those coins to millions in a very short time span!



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All I am saying is
I cannot give you stars and moons,
They are not apples or mangoes that I can just pluck from the trees,
Even if I do, what would you do with them?
Hang them in your bedroom?
I do not know what good that would do.
But, I can make you coffee at 3 a.m. if you want,
And watch those awful soaps with you that you so much love.

All I am saying is
I can’t kiss you all the time,
Besides loving you, I care about you too,
I do not want your lips swollen that you can’t even eat or drink,
It would be awkward for others too if I keep kissing you in public,
I am especially concerned about the kids who see us doing it,
I just want them not to be grossed out with the whole concept of kissing.

All I am saying is
I won’t cover your path with flowers,
You have to agree that they are pretty expensive,
And, I feel you have a big heart,
You won’t want millions of flowers sacrificed,
So you could crush them under your feet,
You would rather want them stick to their plants, right?

But, I will walk beside you through everything,
And sometimes, I will scoop you into my arms,
That would be pretty dramatic,
I can already imagine that.

All I am saying is
I can’t stare at you all night while you are asleep,
Don’t you think that would make me a real creep?
You open your eyes at 1 a.m…
Here I am, scanning your face right above your head,
I am sure you’d leave me very next day,
So, I would sleep by your side every night,
And you could place your head on my arm
Just remember, it’s really a romantic position,
But after a while, arm gets numb.

All I am saying is,
I can’t love you like those people from movies or books,
Because I am not an actor with a script,
I am also not a creation of a writer’s mind,
But, I can love you just like a human do in the best possible way.




I was never much of a drinker, though it’s something I would like to try someday, though I really don’t see the point and isn’t that just a bit like love. Thirst love…but thirsty is never a good thing but yes the heart wants what it wants.

And with a first kiss;

There is both life and drink,

Or so I would like to think

So I simply must insist,

That you love me again miss,

A kiss brings us to brink,

As we lips sync,

Ideas of what love is.


Love me like you do,

Can make the devil; or something worse,

But one taste and I can’t stop,

I might drown for the love of you,

Love is my thirst,

Only you are a multitude of drops.