Danny, Danny, beautiful exotic creature!
How I envied you that summer
with your poise and sophistication,
wrapped like a blanket around your shoulders.

Your dusky, sun swept body
Shimmering iridescent  in the half light,
made my heart skip a beat,
made my adolescent dreams take flight.

One glance from your flashing eyes
and I was your slave for life
when you spoke, I listened
drowning in ecstasy, struggling for air.

All through that magical summer
I dwelled in your shadow
a supplicant waiting for permission to speak,
I silently watched and learned.

Oh, you taught me many things
How to promise much and deliver little
How to create an illusion of love and desire,
here today and gone tomorrow.

I learned to look beyond the mask of refinement,
to strip away the polish of gentility,
to reach the essence of humility.
To dig deep, until I found the fundamental being.

Danny, Danny, you were my first love
and my last love,
forever in my heart,
my taste of paradise, elusive, fleeting and immeasurably sweet!


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