I never hurt you
And yet I presume to feel your pain
From so very many miles away.

Could it be what draws me to you:
Not your graceful brilliance
Not your studied maturity
Not your elegant loveliness
Not your warm, innocent wonder
Not your snapdragon wit
Not your silky femininity
Not even your sparking joy

But just the glow of a deep, sure wound
That he made long before I met you,
While you still trusted that you could give
Safe, your precious heart
Into another’s hands.

Is it the burn, the hurt, the soreness
That makes me care for you?

It tires me; it frightens me.
You cling so steadfastly to it.

I want to befriend you, to give you comfort.
Yet everything I do is never right.
I stand apart, always wrong.
I admit I wanted far too much,
But can’t imagine exactly why that should be.

I know I am a field of broken ice,
Not fit yet for a warm connection.

But please please please,
Trust just once more;
Let’s be friends
Let my ice
Soothe your burn.



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