As she sits,
In her hand she grips,
A paperback.

In her life she now does lack,
The love she yesterday had,
In the arms of a lad.

For not long ago,
They fought and fought,
For the Love he too soon forgot
And left her there, distraught.

She opens the book to drown her sorrow.
She will read unto the morrow.
She sinks deeper into the thrill,
Of whistles blowing, high and shrill,
Pirate’s captive, hero’s will.

The final kiss.
Oh! What bliss.
The final page,
It has been an age.
No, a lifetime,
It is only nighttime.

She feels an age has passed,
But her joy only a few hours last.
She begins to feel the loss,
Of adventure, and the cost,
Of having no man for herself.

She must place her book upon the shelf.
Forget the happiness of someone else.
Continue on with her daily life,
Continue on with her piteous strife.

She sleeps a restless night,
Dreaming of him who took his flight,
Wishing he would return to her,
Wishing he would dream with her.

Wishing he could be,
The valiant hero of whom she did read.
As dreams mix with reality,
She wakes with ferocity.

She cannot stand it any more.
She quickly reaches for the door.
She must leave this dreadful place,
Where his heart she did break,
When he left her through mistake.

She must find him once again.
Right the wrong she did make,
Mend the heart she did break.

A whistle sounds,
The wind blows,
She stands there as the doors close.
There is a jerk,
And a rumble,
The train begins with a stumble.

A few hours, the journey lasts.
A few hours, in the past,
A few hours, to count the time,
A few hours, on the line.

She walks to his morning place,
Ignoring the feeling of disgrace.
She watches him, from afar,
Walking slowly, with his arm,
Around someone else.
Is that truly how he felt?

She steps out of the shadows,
Into their path.
His forgiveness she does ask,
For their many battles,
He leaves her in the past.

She had tried to fix her wrong,
She had tried to right his thoughts.
But he ignored her plea.
And left her standing in the street.

Now it was her broken heart,
Her soul ripped apart.
No future could she see,
Her body felt empty,
She would have no happy ending.



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