Sometimes I slip,
For when I think of you,
I plummet into the depths of my mind.

Light dissipating,
For I found darkness within you.
Etched within, wounds you swore to have left confined.

Hatred in bawled fists you threw,
Shattering the tie I though to bound you and I.
I bid you now, please unwind.

Meaningless tears shed,
Yet I was a fool to have believed you bled.
Curse me, for I should have drawn the line.

Standing beneath this dying tree,
Love I claimed lasted an eternity.
Now alone, a tangible emptiness grazing the fingertips we once kept entwined.

Like a dove lost without its lover,
Attraction wilts and soon dies,
Pity that unspoken flutter laced within calling you mine.

Within the emptiness of this soul,
Lies a soundless whisper ever so bold,
For even without, I will make it out defined.


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