Baby Britt.

My Lovely Daughter Britt.
                  Special Thanks to Rose.

My generation baby…
I’I’ll name you after colors,feelings,places,celebrities..
I’I’ll have parties in your honor…
For my friends and I to have fun..
It still is your birthday….
Not that you know it’s importance….
I’I’ll upload photos of me carrying you,each day of the month..
I’I’ll post them on social media walls…
Your first cry,will be my ringtone..
You’ll grow out of your age….
I’I’ll teach you to take selfies,groundies…all pics….
Your first lesson will be changing status like clothes…
Next will be the various social media platforms….
For your birthdays,I vow to get you the latest gadgets…phones to tabs…
As for a,b,c,d..1,2,3….the neighbour kid will learn.
I’m teaching you survival tactics in your time…
Who needs a,b,c,d when you can learn,live and love online….
Next,we’I’ll bury ourselves online…
Not caring about those on the line…like you.
My generation baby.
I won’t have to go through hours of labour,with a doctor yelling ‘push’ at me….
What the heck does he think am doing….?
I’I’ll simply issue a command.
Baby,it’s time for you to join the world… a bullet,you’ll come…
Grow within 24 hours and get your own child…..
That’s you,my darling generation baby.


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