So if we must part;
Then let be like this-
Take back this kiss- that sweetly played
upon my lips,
I have no desire – but sigh my soul away
from your kiss.

Take back the sweet words of love,
”Twas but a dream- my joy die and perish
for weariness of thee,
Take back the hope beyond this promised
I know you know- and none can mend it.

So take back the love and tears,
And nothing will remain,
Am quite myself again,
You are you and I am me,
What care do I have for Love.




I would never write a poem about love-
But on that night you showed me,
There was nothing left to write but Love.

I would never write a poem about love-
But on that night as your drunk words played
sweet inviting rhythm in my drunk ears,
You showed me there was nothing left to write but

I would never write a poem about love:
But on that night as I felt your warm long
fingers playing soft tingling circles on my navel,
You showed me there was nothing left to write
but Love.

I would never write a poem about love:
But on that night as we took turn in a single
menthol cigarette,
As my dried lips touched its edge- wet
with your wine flavoured saliver-
As I hoped it was your lips instead,
You showed me there was nothing left to write
but love.

I would never write a poem about love-
As I bid you good night,
As I wrapped you in my arms for a hug- tight,
As I pulled back from you and whispered-
“May I taste your lips tonight?”
As you leaned forward and closed your eyes
and opened your mouth,
As I reached for you and parted my lips too
to finally open yours,
As I grabbed your waist and I pulled you even closer,
Our groins joined together,
As everything became nothing,
As everyone became no one,
As you became the one,
As we became one,
As our mouth found each other,
And I sucked your tongue soft and slow and
then harder,
All at once ; ooh so tender,
As everything around us on the rooftop blew
like fireworks in the dark,
in the city wherein it is forbidden,
You showed me that if all of these were not
Love then this is not,
and I still have not written a poem about Love.




Baby Britt.

My Lovely Daughter Britt.
                  Special Thanks to Rose.

My generation baby…
I’I’ll name you after colors,feelings,places,celebrities..
I’I’ll have parties in your honor…
For my friends and I to have fun..
It still is your birthday….
Not that you know it’s importance….
I’I’ll upload photos of me carrying you,each day of the month..
I’I’ll post them on social media walls…
Your first cry,will be my ringtone..
You’ll grow out of your age….
I’I’ll teach you to take selfies,groundies…all pics….
Your first lesson will be changing status like clothes…
Next will be the various social media platforms….
For your birthdays,I vow to get you the latest gadgets…phones to tabs…
As for a,b,c,d..1,2,3….the neighbour kid will learn.
I’m teaching you survival tactics in your time…
Who needs a,b,c,d when you can learn,live and love online….
Next,we’I’ll bury ourselves online…
Not caring about those on the line…like you.
My generation baby.
I won’t have to go through hours of labour,with a doctor yelling ‘push’ at me….
What the heck does he think am doing….?
I’I’ll simply issue a command.
Baby,it’s time for you to join the world…..like a bullet,you’ll come…
Grow within 24 hours and get your own child…..
That’s you,my darling generation baby.

Confession of an Insecure Soul

I felt the guilt after reading

A Word about Me

How easy it is to stand in front of someone, gather all the pain you have…
And hit back for the strike you got
With same pressure or even more than that

Just to be at ease
Just to shift the pain back to the one who gave you

You weep, you shout, you can even kill
Just to relieve yourself from the burden of Anger, Pain and Revenge !

What do you feel when you have reacted like a beast
Achieved, Relieved, Sick, Guilty…..?

Let me tell you
You were never capable of holding  grudges like these and carrying such a heavy burden in your head and in your heart

You can never imagine
How hard it is to listen everything you don’t want to
And absorb it like nothing happened
And never letting a single word slip through your tongue
Holding it, carrying…

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Temptation deriving from her,
The scent of a woman carries through the skies,
I rise, feeling a rush,
The border line between curiosity and lust,
as she approaches.

I lean close, she leans closer,
I move closest,
Her lips luscious,
Her hips slow motion;
I’m thinking : “keep my composure”
She’s looking like: “keep coming closer.”

I hold her,
She threw her arms over my shoulder,
Then one hand on my chest,
Ripped out my heart,
She gave me a kiss of Death.


ABC’s of Aging.


I'm seeing you..

A is for arthritis,
B is for bad back,
C is for the chest pains.             Corned,
Beef? Cardiac?
D is for dental decay and    decline,
E is for eyesight–can’t read   that
   top line.
F is for fissures and fluid   retention
G is for gas (which I’d rather not
      and not to forget other
   gastrointestinal glitches)
H is high blood pressure
I is for itches, and lots of   incisions
J is for joints, that now fail to flex
L is for libido–what happened to
Wait! I forgot about K!
K is for my knees that crack all the
(But forgive me, I get a few lapses in
Memory from time to time)
N is for nerve (pinched) and neck
(stiff) and neurosis
O is for osteo-for all the bones that
P is for prescriptions, that cost a
small fortune
Q is for queasiness. Fatal or just the
Give me another pill and I’ll be good
as new!
R is for reflux–one meal turns into
S is for sleepless nights,
counting fears on how to pay my
medical bills!
T is for tinnitus–I hear bells in my
and the word ‘terminal’ also rings
too near
U is for urinary and the difficulties
that flow (or not)
V is for vertigo, as life spins by
W is worry, for pains yet unfound
X is for X ray–and what one might
Y is for year (another one, I’m still
Z is for zest
For surviving the symptoms my
body’s deployed,
And keeping twenty-six doctors
gainfully employed.