For months you haven’t had a good night’s sleep.
When will baby sleep through the night?
But when she finally does get a solid 8 hours,
All you can think is, “this can’t be right.”
This is the moment you’ve been waiting for,
A chance to finally get some rest.
But you spend all night in a panic,
Staring at her chest.
Is she okay? Is she breathing?
Why won’t she just make a sound?
Welcome to motherhood,
Where the contradictions abound. 

Another moment you’ve been waiting for…baby’s first steps!
At last, at last!
Are these tears of joy or sorrow?
They grow up so fast. 
Just yesterday she was too afraid to let go,
Reaching for my hand.
Suddenly she just got up and grinned,
So proud that she could stand.
My baby is standing, I thought as I filmed.
But this moment didn’t last long.
That’s when she took off walking,
And I’m trying to be strong.

How can I feel all these emotions at once?
Being a mom is so strange.
You want them to grow up,
But you also don’t want a thing to change.
You desperately need a break,
But miss them the second you leave.
You want them to be independent,
But miss the tugging on your sleeve.
How will you feel when they begin to drive?
When they go to college or move away?
I can’t think about that right now.
I’m not letting go of today


I bleed myself into you
With no other colours
but a shade of grey and a hint of black.

I poured out every word for you,
Love & hate all the same.
They’re painted black.

I dreamed I died of bitter guilt,
The walls were high and the ground was cold.
As I awoke I breathed out a sigh,
Opened my eyes and the room was black.

I carved into my own chest to give you a gift:
I think you knew what it was.
On a plate & all for you,
But you turned your back.

As I stood with nothing to say,
I watched my heart turn black.




Women are like apples on the trees,
Swaying lovingly in the breeze,
Men look, feast, flirt and admire all to see,
For the best ones are at the top of the tree.

Most men dont want to reach for the good ones,
They used to wistle now they use cell phones,
Because they are afraid of falling and get hurt,
Instead they just get the rotten apples in the dirt.

From the ground they are not as good but easy,
Even if they have no beauty and full of acne,
So the apple at the top think something is wrong with them,
When in reality they’re amaizing because the man is the problem.

They’ve to wait for the right man to come for matrimony,
Those brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree,
She may allow you to kiss her from her head to her toe,
She may allow you to take her to her bed and asking for mo’
Then if you play your card right and are not mean,
She might ask you to kiss her all over in between. 

But remember laddies Men ae like fine wine,
They start out as grapes, some some sour, some fine,
It’s upto women to stomp the crap out of them, getting to the pith,
Untill they turn into something really accaptable to have dinner with.



I’ll be yours until waves no longer roll ashore,
And the seashells stop appearing on the seashore.

Fish no longer jump and frolic in the lake,

And frogs stop croaking after dark.

I’ll hang on tight to the love we have,

Until the sun sets in the east and rises in the west.

The moon no longer comes out at night,

And the sun forgets to shine.

These few things will change the way,

I feel about our love,

But not until the earth stops spinning,

Will I stop loving you. 


I didn’t have condoms with me and it was late to get one. Mehn what am i thinking sef, why am i looking for condoms mschewww……After about 15 minutes she then came out from the bathroom wrapped in my towel. She put off the light switch and laid beside me. She apparently didn’t have any clothes on. Before I could say jack…. My erection had manifested. But I vowed not to make the first move. About 10 minutes passed and no move was made. She then rested her head on my chest and put her left laps on my leg. And I thought to myself. “If we spend the night like this it won’t be bad.” nothing possibly can happen.
Then she said, I love you Adeoluwa I came to give you my body, please be easy on me, I am still a virgin.” I was put in a dilemma, I wanted her and I didn’t want her at the same time. I couldn’t think of what to say to her than “Tope I love you too.” It escaped me quickly before my thoughts. I was letting my heart speak not my head. I damned the consequences of tomorrow and embraced the passion of now. I had just less than a month to wrap of my service year and I needed to hold on to something to linger in the archives of my memories.

Oh no!!!! What just happened? The did had been done. I then put on the light and the bed sheet was stained with blood, it was a gory sight. She helped remove it and washed it that night. We both showered and laid on the mattress and started talking. I said to her. “What came over you?” She said. “My friend Bimpe got deflowered last week by a guy that never truly loved her. She gave it to him because she wanted him to stay. But I gave it to you because you are truly caring, loving and supporting. I have written JAMB exams 4 times and because of you I made it this time. My life would have be nothing without you.” I said to her. “Tope, I truly care about you but don’t you think that was too extreme?” She said. “It had to be you. It would have been with a guy that doesn’t deserve it. We have known each other for 3 months and you never asked for it. I have no regrets Adeoluwa even though we don’t end up together.”

I then said. “You are a sweet girl Tope.” She said. “One more thing. I said. “What?” She then said. “We have to do it one more time in the morning, my friend told me the more I do it the more I enjoy it. I need to enjoy you Adeoluwa I know you are finishing service soon and I won’t see you again. Please let me have the privilege.” I pondered for a while and I said. “Okay Tope, no problem.” So we did it again

I knew in my heart that if her circumstance was a bit better I would vow to marry her against all odds. I loved her…………

What could be the outcome of this lesson teacher turned boyfriend relationship?

Stay tunned………


I was moved by what she said. No lady had ever said that thing to me before. I began to feel for her and that was when I started to really care for her. She looked at my feet and said. “Aaah.. Adeoluwa. Look at your toe nails. Don’t you cut them?” I felt a bit embarrassed and said. “No now… They are hard and my nail cutter is missing. I will get another one in town.” She then said. “Do you have a razor blade? Let me help you cut it.” I said. “No oo.. Please I don’t like using razor on me, it could cut me.” She then said. “Trust me.”
I got her the razor blade and she meticulously cut my toe nails neatly. She then took a napkin soaked with water and she cleaned my feet. No

lady had shown me much compassion and care. Immediately I erased the lustful thoughts I had on her and I decided to do everything to make her succeed in her JAMB exams.

Our friendship grew and I found out how remarkable she was. I began to love her but I fought really hard not to reveal it to her. I respected her and I knew she was a good lady and I didn’t want to start something I couldn’t finish. I was aware we both had feelings for each other, but I was afraid it will lead to nowhere and also I didn’t want to make a promise I couldn’t fulfill. It was a tough decision for me because I had to fight every temptation that came my way. She was really improving in her preparations towards her examination. She was able to solve all the difficult problems she once faced and I was proud she was making a headway.

The JAMB exams came and she smashed it. She scored 250 and I bought her a wrist watch for doing so good. It was friday night around 9:30pm. I heard a knock on the door and it was Tope. I was really surprised seeing her there and I said to her. “Why are you out this late?” She said. “I told my mom I was going for Vigil.” I then said. “Come in, you lied to your mom abi?” She couldn’t answer me. I made her noodles and she ate. We both laid down on the bed, I knew what I feared the most was revealing its head. I had just my boxers on and I don’t like sleeping with much clothes on.

She then said. “Do you have water in the bathroom, I want to shower.” I then knew that night was going to be an intriguing one. I said. “Yes there’s water in the bathroom. You can use this towel it’s clean.” She took the towel and went into the bathroom…

Shall we observe a minute silence for this guy hehehehehe…….WATCH OUT FOR EPISODE 5