If you are in love, you the lucky one,
Some of us are heaving through corrupted lungs,
Some of us feel like they are dead and they are gone,
And some of us are bitter over someone.

But here is what we gonna do,

Collect names of the lovers that went wrong,
Collect pictures from the flood that wrecked our homes,
Distract our hearts from ever missing them,
And finally set fire to our inside for fun.


inspired by Daughter – Youth


What I am Not Saying.

I am not saying I do not like you the way you are,
I am just saying if your breasts were a little bigger,
The nipples in particular,
Then I would be more eager.

I am not saying you are untidy,
I am just saying if you could clean the house more often,
Then it is highly unlikely,
The infections will toughen.

I am not saying you are a spendthrift,
I am just saying you can shop better with a written budget,
I hope you get the drift,
From my small nugget.

I am not saying you have a loud mouth,
I am just saying if you could reduce the gossip,
Then we would witness more growth,
In our relationship.

I am not saying you need to befriend Colgate,
I am just saying a little fresh breath,
Is like a magnet,
Its attraction goes a long length.

I am not saying you are plump,
I am just saying exercise is good for your body,
Unless you are dump,
Eating is not a felony.


When time is no longer of consequence…when I’m old.. Bald..bent and grey
When age dances with me…moving to the tunes of a glorious sunset..
So that my fingers are broken and my pen has succumbed to the aridity of impotence. And I am no longer able to write to you how you have been the highlight of this life
What then will you tell the world.. About who I was to you.. ?


Treyv 2018.


I Burn

My body burns for your touch.
Burns for your lips against mine,
For your hot breath against my neck,
Your tender fingers caressing my waist.

My body burns for your eyes.
Burns for your chest grazing mine,
For your whispers against my ear,
Your sweet smell.

My body burns for the passion,
Burns for the spark when you entwine your fingers with mine,
For your smile between kisses,
Your heart that I thought you had.

My body burns for you.

I burn because of you.



When you tenderly fixed your eyes at me,
I felt nice shiver on my whole body.
Those eyes, I’ll never forget their stare so smart,
it has graven deeply, deeply in my heart.

I’m sworn by your love.
I can think already of nothing,
nothing else but you and your stare, how
it still makes me so sweetly freezing.
However, there’s nothing strange. It’s right –
you break my heart to pieces tonight.

When you smiled at me, it was calculated.
I still hear the laugh, it is well-favoured.
You’ve done it only for you to get me,
but I want it forever sounds in me.

I’m sworn by your love.
I can think already of nothing,
nothing else but you, your tender laugh.
Everyone knows that and I think
if you know too the occurrences
and that you break my heart to pieces.


When A Girl Is Pretty.

img-20180519-wa0000202107031.jpgWhen a girl is pretty and she knows

you’ll know it that she knows.

It’s in her feet
the way she carries her feet
as if they’re made of rare porcelain.

It’s in her eyes
that aware look in her eyes
sultry, beckoning, yet saying
‘stand at bay’.

It’s in her neck
the slight upward tilt of her neck
accompanied by that pout
delicately embossed
into a glossy corner of her lips.

It’s in her fingers
soft fingers no more counting
how much she hears it daily.

So they pat slowly through her hair
as she sashays down the street
pretending not to notice
the whole street is watching.

But we know, we really know
nobody walks like that
except they also know
the whole street is watching.

a. s

The Moon and the Sea

If there is something that the sea,
Has taught to me,
It is the fact
That one can be loved from a distance,
Just as the sea loves the moon,
And shows off for her just as soon
As she peaks her silver head,
Over the mountain stead,
Though she is millions of miles away,
His love for her never falters or sways,
He simply reaches for her with his waves,
Faithfully following her trails.

And just as the sea can love the moon,
Who is so far away,
I, too, can love you,
Just the same,
Because although I can’t love you,
The way I want to,
Loving you from afar,
Is better than not loving you at all.